Investment Properties | 4 Tactics For Attracting Retirees To Your Rental Property

Investment properties are perfect when you want to earn extra income, but attracting the right type of tenants is integral to your peace of mind as a landlord. Retirees are attractive tenants because they usually take care of houses better and tend to pay rents on time. Many retirees are seeking to sell their large homes in favour of downsizing to ease their burden, so if you're looking to attract this demographic to your investment property, pay attention to these tactics. Read More 

When It Would Be Advisable to Allow Pets in Rental Properties

Many owners grapple with the dilemma of whether they should let their tenants have pets or pets should never be allowed into rental properties. This article discusses three circumstances under which it would be advisable to let tenants have pets. When a Unit is Hard to Rent Many reasons make a rental property difficult to rent. One is that the property may be in a location that is considered insecure (high crime rate areas). Read More 

Important Aspects In Commercial Property Maintenance

When you own commercial property, the primary objectives are to generate profit and to preserve the property value. Regular maintenance is essential in accomplishing these two goals, but there are drawbacks such as more expenses and wasted time. Here are some considerations when making periodic maintenance schemes. The Maintenance and Repairs Link A maintenance strategy is developed by understanding the relationship between preventative property care and repairs. Basically, if particular aspects of the building are in constant need of fixing, the maintenance routine established for the features is not effective. Read More 

Trendy Features to Build Into Your New Home

One of the main benefits of building a new home is that you can customise the property to suit your personal preferences. There are different aspects that you, as a new home builder, must consider when evaluating the features that are ideal for the home. Such factors include the cost, practical functionality, space availability and the energy savings. Here are some of the expedient and cool ideas to consider incorporating into your plans. Read More 

3 Merits of Using a Real Estate Property Manager

Renting out your multistorey apartment units, condominium, holiday cabin or any other type of real estate property can be quite a hassle. For that reason, the following points explain why it is advisable to approach a real estate property manager when you need to rent out real estate property. Get the Right Tenants Before you can allow anybody to rent your property, you need to make sure that they will use it respectfully. Read More