Five Simple Tips to Avoid Carrying Motel Bedbugs to Your Home

The last thing you want after spending a night in a motel is a bedbug infestation in your home. Because motels accommodate many people on a daily basis, they become favorite hangout spots for bedbugs. Bedbugs are hitchhikers; therefore, you should have preventive measures to reduce the chance that these annoying critters will get to your home. It is difficult to get rid of these bugs once they inhabit your house. Therefore, you should know how to avoid them at all costs. Here are a few tips to avoiding a bug infestation in your home after spending a night in a motel.

Put Luggage in the Bathroom -- Before you embark on inspecting your motel room for signs of bugs, it is prudent that you put your luggage in the bathroom. It is unlikely that these critters will choose the bathroom as their ideal hiding place because they dislike cold tile flooring. In fact, bugs prefer warm areas where they can easily creep into beds and bags.     

Methodical Inspection -- Start with the bedding, looking for tiny black dots, or rust-colored stains similar to mold. Also inspect the linen, headboard, and mattress for blood stains and the bedbugs themselves. Here, you should have a keen eye because an adult bedbug is the size of an apple seed. Bugs are good at hiding, so check thoroughly in seams and edges of the bedding and wall hangings. You should also search under carpets, on chairs, behind picture frames, in the closet, and other ideal hiding spots. Notify the motel staff when you see any evidence of these creatures.

Encase Luggage in Plastic -- Encase your traveling bags or suitcases in plastic for the entire duration of your stay at the motel for extra protection against bedbugs. You can purchase zip-up bags that come in different sizes, specifically designed to encase your luggage. If you have a knack for frugal living, wrap your suitcase with nylon garbage bags.

Keep Luggage on Dresser or Rack -- A simple rule of thumb when staying at a motel is never to leave your baggage on the motel room floor or on the bed before encasing. Keep all bags on the luggage rack or on top of a dresser. If you have a backpack, you can hang it on the wall. Also, remember never to leave clothes lying around the floor.

Request A Room Change -- When you find evidence of bedbugs or any suspicious white powder (insecticide), then that should be adequate proof to request a room change. Show the evidence to the motel staff, and they will be inclined to agree to meet your quest. Opt for another room located a few floors above the current one if the motel is a storey building. If not, take a room far away from the present one because bugs usually spread through electrical sockets and wall panels.