Why Hire a Body Corporate Services Company for Your Complex?

When a residential complex is jointly owned by the tenants or those who occupy the complex, those owners may be tempted to avoid paying fees to a body corporate services company and simply handle the day-to-day management of their complex on their own. This can be very shortsighted, as there are many reasons to consider having an outside company handle your body corporate services for you. Note a few of these advantages so you can determine if such a company is the right choice for your complex.

1. After hours services 

Someone in the complex may be able to handle maintenance emergencies, but having to do this after hours can be very tiresome, and they may not want to be on call as often as needed to keep the complex in good repair. Using a body corporate services company means that no tenant or resident needs to make themselves available for such emergencies and no emergencies get overlooked or neglected simply because they happen after hours.

2. Compliance

Having to keep up with compliance laws for body corporate properties can be difficult, as they often change over time. These laws may also have special application to your residential complex, for instance, laws might dictate if certain areas of the building need to be handicapped accessible or they may limit the types of paints and other materials used in updating the building, for the safety of children and pets. A body corporate services company will be updated on such laws and can ensure that your complex is always compliant, avoiding potential fines and fees.

3. Development consultancy

If you were to consider developing your residential complex in any way, your body corporate services company can usually assist right from the start, as they may be familiar with budgeting and costs as well as legal requirements and restrictions that might affect your plans. They may also know how certain construction projects would affect the overall look of your complex and how they might enhance or detract from the residents' enjoyment. For example, if you were to consider adding on an attached recreation facility, your body corporate services representative might caution you about the added noise on that side of the complex or about how it would block sunlight to the pool area. These types of insights can be very valuable when it comes to developing your complex and they may not be so readily available if you were to handle its management on your own.