Types of Services That Could End Up Enticing More Customers to Your Self-Storage Units

In most businesses, owners are faced with the same question over and over again: how do you keep your customers satisfied? When it comes to the storage facilities, such as Dawson Moving, the question is no different. If your customers are happy with your services, then they will see no reason to seek these services from another business. Renting out storage units may no longer be enough to satisfy customers and keep them hooked to your services. You must simply do more than that. The following tips explain other services you can add to attract more customers and maintain the ones you have for a longer period of time.

1. Provide Shelving Options

Shelves help customers make the most out of their storage units' spaces. In addition to enhancing customer satisfaction, shelves are also another route for you to make more money, as you can either rent them out, or sell them to your customers.

There are different types of shelves you can invest in, including built-in shelves (they are fitted into walls), freestanding shelves, and floating shelves. Also, it's important to note the material used when choosing shelves. It would be better to have shelves of different makes. For instance, shelves made from glass or acrylic material are suitable for holding light objects like figurines and lightweight picture frames. For heavy objects, consider shelves that have been reinforced with strong brackets.

2. Consider Label Makers

A label maker is a machine that you can use to create custom labels. If you have it at hand, you can come up with standard labels for your customers. Your customers will find it easy to arrange or find the boxes they need if these boxes have labels on them. And just like shelves, label makers also provide you with a wonderful opportunity of making some extra money as you can rent them out to your customers.

When choosing the right label maker for your business, consider factors like portability, power source and features. The features are particularly important, since it points out the kinds of labels the maker is able to produce. For instance, there are makers that print symbols, pictures or barcodes. Others are equipped with memory that keeps a history of the printed labels. So depending on your needs, such factors may help you invest in a label maker that suits your business.

These are services that can go long a way in satisfying your customers. On top of that, they can help you earn a good reputation that may lure more customers to your self-storage units.