Selecting the Right Residential Deadbolt Lock

The security in your home will depend significantly on the type of locks installed at the points of entry. Basically, most burglars and robbers will attempt to gain access through the front, back or patio doors. Therefore, it is critical to ensure that these areas are secured sufficiently using a high quality lock. There are different types of locking products that are suitable for this task. However, the deadbolt lock probably provides the most reliable security for residential homes. This type of lock requires a key to operate the opening components, so it is hard to pick. Here are the main deadbolt locks to consider selecting for your home.

Single Cylinder Lock

The single cylinder deadbolt is fairly common in the lock market, so you will find it in most locksmith and general stores. This type of product is designed and fabricated for installation inside the pertinent door. The exterior side of the lock which allows access from outside is fitted with a key cylinder. The interior side of the door has a twist knob. It is a convenient deadbolt lock for the home because you can easily leave the house in case of a building emergency situation. On the other hand, this is not an ideal choice if the door is made fully or partially from glass. If this is your residential design, consider choosing tempered or laminated glass.

Double Cylinder Lock

The double cylinder deadbolt is mounted internally, just like the single cylinder alternative. However, this type has key cylinders on both sides of the locking component, instead of a twist knob on the interior side. This means that the key is required for operating the door from inside and outside. This is a more secure option for your home because an intruder cannot open the door, even if they are able to break the glass close to the lock. Unfortunately, the drawback of the double cylinder deadbolt is that you cannot leave the house very easily during an emergency. Therefore, consider choosing a relatively accessible area to place your key for easy accessibility if you choose this lock.

Keyless Deadbolt

You can choose a keyless deadbolt lock for your home if you are concerned about potential lockouts due to missing keys. This type of lock has a keypad instead of the standard keyhole, and you can access your home by keying your secret combination number. You can change this regularly for improved security.