Important Aspects In Commercial Property Maintenance

When you own commercial property, the primary objectives are to generate profit and to preserve the property value. Regular maintenance is essential in accomplishing these two goals, but there are drawbacks such as more expenses and wasted time. Here are some considerations when making periodic maintenance schemes.

The Maintenance and Repairs Link

A maintenance strategy is developed by understanding the relationship between preventative property care and repairs. Basically, if particular aspects of the building are in constant need of fixing, the maintenance routine established for the features is not effective. It is important to focus on mitigating these weaknesses by considering all aspects of the building, including pest invasion prevention, limiting water damage and adding safety features. You can prevent the occurrence and escalation of these problems through regular inspection and early resolution. You will save significantly by avoiding extensive repairs or asset replacement. In addition, you should note that you will lose revenue if the property or part of it is not usable.

For instance, pest infestation can have extensive negative impact on the property, but proactive steps are rarely taken to ensure that there is no such occurrence. If you identify signs of rodents, cockroaches or even termites in their early stages, you can limit the population growth and reduce the cost of pest control. Consider monthly extermination, especially in the hospitality industry. Other important preventative tasks include changing air filters in the ventilation system, flushing the heater and reinforcing shower grout or caulking.

Emphasize Efficiency

You should identify ways in which you can make the maintenance routine in your property more efficient and impactful while reducing the expenses. Incorporating value-added into the building can significantly minimize the care requirements. For instance, when you install mats at entryways, you will reduce the need for constant waxing of floors due to the abrasion by dirty shoes or constant replacement of the interior carpets. You can also enhance task efficiency by utilizing professional services instead of handling the maintenance in-house. You will only pay for the services carried out periodically, and the quality of results will not be compromised while using specialists.


Daily or weekly maintenance is aimed at small issues that are easy to update regularly and associated problems can be resolved within a short time. There are larger projects that require more time for effective upgrades to occur so as to avoid future problems. For instance, you will require a few months for replacement of old electrical or plumbing networks in a large commercial complex.

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