Trendy Features to Build Into Your New Home

One of the main benefits of building a new home is that you can customise the property to suit your personal preferences. There are different aspects that you, as a new home builder, must consider when evaluating the features that are ideal for the home. Such factors include the cost, practical functionality, space availability and the energy savings. Here are some of the expedient and cool ideas to consider incorporating into your plans.


The installation of skylights is beneficial in terms of improving natural lighting, contributing to ventilation and advancing the aesthetics. This feature will fit in perfectly with most homes and when quality products are chosen, the home's energy efficiency will improve significantly due to lower lighting demands. You should consult your contractor on the optimal percentage of skylight cover compared to the floor area.

Central Vacuum System

This system is designed to make cleaning tasks convenient and economical. The vacuum cleaner consists of a powering unit, a hose and the canister collection. There are specially designed pipes installed in the structure of the interior walls, and they open conveniently into all or most of the rooms. These wall valves are responsible for carrying the swept dirt through the pipe network and into the canister. The container will have to be emptied periodically, but most will serve you for a couple of months depending on the size.

Safe Room

A safe room is a good addition for your new home, and it is an investment into your family's safety. This feature will safeguard you from intruders as well as natural disasters such as storms. Safe rooms do not have to be similar to the high-end structures presented in dramatic films. Basically, the room should be established on or below the ground floor, and the door should be made of steel or resilient materials that are resistant to fire, bullets and battering. The walls should ideally be made of concrete in tandem with metal meshes, and the ceilings should be reinforced against forced entry. You can also construct a separate ventilation system and install communication lines that are not dependent on fallible channels.

Outdoor Living

A new home should come with outdoor living features to minimise the need for significant future alterations. Consider extending your main living area with a patio or screened porch, and you can include features like built-in grills or ovens, sinks and entertainment centres to finish the extra space. You should consider adding an infinity pool in sheltered outdoor space for a truly unique setup.