Finding short term rentals

Commercial Property Investment? Asbestos-Related Documents

The occurrence (or lack thereof) of asbestos containing materials in and around commercial premises should be a matter of concern for anyone looking to invest in commercial property. Exposing employees to asbestos containing materials poses a threat to their safety. Prospective property investors should also be interested in the question of asbestos because it can […]

Why Hire a Body Corporate Services Company for Your Complex?

When a residential complex is jointly owned by the tenants or those who occupy the complex, those owners may be tempted to avoid paying fees to a body corporate services company and simply handle the day-to-day management of their complex on their own. This can be very shortsighted, as there are many reasons to consider […]

Must-Have Security Systems For Your Business

Security Doors When it comes to security doors, you have the option of choosing the design and style you want. This detail means that you can have sliding doors, stacked doors, hinged doors or other options. However, note that the flexibility in the different types of designs you can have does not compromise the security. […]

Types of Services That Could End Up Enticing More Customers to Your Self-Storage Units

In most businesses, owners are faced with the same question over and over again: how do you keep your customers satisfied? When it comes to the storage facilities, such as Dawson Moving, the question is no different. If your customers are happy with your services, then they will see no reason to seek these services from […]

Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Transit Insurance

During discussions with a removalist, they are well aware that you want to ship your goods or consignment at the least expensive rates and therefore, they might suggest that you avoid buying goods in transit coverage. For instance, if you had allocated 20,000 dollars for the move, they may propose that they can have it […]

Don’t Overlook These Tips If You Want to Be a Successful Real Estate Investor

Investing in real estate can be a great way to earn a very handsome living and can also mean working for yourself, as much or as little as you choose. Not everyone who invests in real estate is successful, however, and it’s often because they make a few common mistakes or overlook some simple but […]

Selecting the Right Residential Deadbolt Lock

The security in your home will depend significantly on the type of locks installed at the points of entry. Basically, most burglars and robbers will attempt to gain access through the front, back or patio doors. Therefore, it is critical to ensure that these areas are secured sufficiently using a high quality lock. There are […]

Investment Properties | 4 Tactics For Attracting Retirees To Your Rental Property

Investment properties are perfect when you want to earn extra income, but attracting the right type of tenants is integral to your peace of mind as a landlord. Retirees are attractive tenants because they usually take care of houses better and tend to pay rents on time. Many retirees are seeking to sell their large […]

When It Would Be Advisable to Allow Pets in Rental Properties

Many owners grapple with the dilemma of whether they should let their tenants have pets or pets should never be allowed into rental properties. This article discusses three circumstances under which it would be advisable to let tenants have pets. When a Unit is Hard to Rent Many reasons make a rental property difficult to […]

Important Aspects In Commercial Property Maintenance

When you own commercial property, the primary objectives are to generate profit and to preserve the property value. Regular maintenance is essential in accomplishing these two goals, but there are drawbacks such as more expenses and wasted time. Here are some considerations when making periodic maintenance schemes. The Maintenance and Repairs Link A maintenance strategy […]