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When It Would Be Advisable to Allow Pets in Rental Properties

Many owners grapple with the dilemma of whether they should let their tenants have pets or pets should never be allowed into rental properties. This article discusses three circumstances under which it would be advisable to let tenants have pets. When a Unit is Hard to Rent Many reasons make a rental property difficult to […]

Important Aspects In Commercial Property Maintenance

When you own commercial property, the primary objectives are to generate profit and to preserve the property value. Regular maintenance is essential in accomplishing these two goals, but there are drawbacks such as more expenses and wasted time. Here are some considerations when making periodic maintenance schemes. The Maintenance and Repairs Link A maintenance strategy […]

Trendy Features to Build Into Your New Home

One of the main benefits of building a new home is that you can customise the property to suit your personal preferences. There are different aspects that you, as a new home builder, must consider when evaluating the features that are ideal for the home. Such factors include the cost, practical functionality, space availability and […]

3 Merits of Using a Real Estate Property Manager

Renting out your multistorey apartment units, condominium, holiday cabin or any other type of real estate property can be quite a hassle. For that reason, the following points explain why it is advisable to approach a real estate property manager when you need to rent out real estate property. Get the Right Tenants Before you […]

Real Estate Investing: Speculation Versus Long Term Investing

Real estate is a hot investment option right now. Market prices are going up and rental yields look promising. If you are planning to get into real estate investment, you can do it in two ways; speculating on the prices or long-term holding. The former is where you buy property in a promising area and […]

Shopping for a Home? Check Out These Three Possible Exceptions to Standard Property Deeds

In past centuries, a property deed in Australia consisted of a rolled sheet of parchment detailing every previous owner of the property. Now, the title or deed you receive when you buy a property won’t be a sheet of parchment or contain a list of previous owners, but it is essential to proving you own […]

Tricks To Enjoying A Long Work Placement Away From Home

When you start a job, it can seem really exciting hearing that there will be lots of travel, but sometimes after a few months on the road, it can seem less enjoyable. Here are some tricks to making those multi-week stints away from home seem more bearable. Ask your co-workers for advice If you have […]

Property Management Advice for Landlords

As a landlord, you have many responsibilities, including the upkeep of your rental properties. If you don’t want to hire a property management team, these are responsibilities that you are going to have to take care of yourself. Here is some property management advice that will ensure that your rental properties are in tip-top condition, […]